Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tyreke Evans likes to drive fast...

Tyreke Evans of the NBA's Sacramento Kings moves fast. So fast in fact, that he ended up being the best rookie in the NBA this past season.

However, apparently, young Mr. Evans also likes to drive fast. So fast, that the California Highway Patrol clocked him at over 100mph on I-80 on Monday night.

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((Photo: Tyreke Evans//Courtesy: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images))

Apparently Mr. Evans was in a hurry to get to a local park to play a game of basketball. The CHP was not amused. They finally caught up to him at the park and performed a felony stop since the Mercedes that Mr. Evans was driving had dark-tinted windows and they couldn't see in.

The good news for Evans, he was very cooperative and apologetic and wasn't under the influence of any substances. The bad news, he's now got a reckless driving ticket on his driving record.

The story from KXTV-TV/News10.net:

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