Thursday, July 22, 2010

Butch Davis Surprised By NCAA Visit


North Carolina coach Butch Davis says the NCAA probe into potential rule violations in his football program came "out of left field."

Davis said Thursday the school is cooperating with the NCAA and that his program follows its rules.

Senior defensive tackle Marvin Austin and senior receiver Greg Little are the focus of the probe, although others were apparently questioned in Chapel Hill about a week ago when the investigators hit campus.

Here's his first round of comments on the issue, outside in a hallway...

The interview took place at a preseason North Carolina-centric football luncheon that was also attended by Duke coach David Cutcliffe, East Carolina coach Ruffin McNeill, North Carolina Central coach Mose Rison and North Carolina State coach Tom O'Brien.

Davis, obviously, can't comment on the NCAA probe directly, but he danced around it as best he presently could. The Secretary of State's office in North Carolina has even gone as far as launching their own investigation into agents as a result.

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