Thursday, July 15, 2010

Did Maverick Carter Steal A Pendant...? Or Was It Stolen Already...?

((HT: WEWS-TV/Newsnet5))

The Ohio woman who said she paid $5 at a yard sale for a LeBron James pendant that was, subsequently, appraised close to $10,000 says it's been "taken from her."

Vaneisha Robinson had the basketball jersey-shaped white gold pendant appraised by the International Gemological Institute and put it for sale on eBay.

She says she got a phone call Wednesday from the mother of Maverick O. Carter, Katherine Powers. Maverick is the CEO for James' marketing company, LRMR. Robinson went on to say that Powers told her James wanted to buy the pendant and would be there at the house to perform the transaction himself. When she went to the Powers' house, James wasn't there and, according to Robinson, other people threatened her and took it from her.

Wadsworth police Sgt. James Elchlinger says he determined the pendant belongs to Carter. Here's the 9-1-1 call on the night in question...

Carter says it had been stolen from him.
Robinson tells WEWS-TV the pendant belongs to her and she wants it back.

Here's Curtis Jackson standing on front of a monitor with the interviews...

FRIDAY UPDATE: A police report now identifies 19-year-old Vaneisha Robinson of Akron as a suspect in receiving stolen property but doesn't elaborate. No arrests have been made.

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