Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sergio Kindle falls down stairs and gets hurt....

And we thought it was only baseball players who get strange, odd injuries. It appears that the Baltimore Ravens draft pick, Sergio Kindle won't be in camp this week, with...or without a contract.

No, Kindle is currently sitting in a hospital in Austin, Texas. He's in the hospital because he apparently, according to a report, fell down...not one...but two flights of stairs at a house in Austin.

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Okay. No, we don't know Kindle and we don't know his background or history...but does anyone else think this sounds a bit odd? He did , while in college, manage to crash into the side of an apartment building in the middle of the night. He was never charged with anything and avoided a breath test.

We aren't saying this wasn't just an unfortunate accident, but one wonders how you fall down two flights of stairs in a house since in most homes, the stairs just really don't line up evenly for that to happen.

Hopefully, it was just a bad accident and Kindle will recuperate and be just fine. But this has the smell of intoxication reeking all over it. We hope we are wrong...but.....

To get an idea of what must of happened...well...maybe it was like this:

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