Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Coghlan gets hurt throwing pie...will this stop stupid ideas?

Chris Coghlan and Wes Helms//Courtesy: NBC Miami
The Florida Marlins are without their leftfielder for what looks like a good chunk of the rest of the season after he got hurt. How did he get hurt? Well, glad that you asked.

Apparently, Chris Coghlan, the aforementioned outfielder got injured, tearing his meniscus, after putting a "Shaving Cream" pie in Wes Helms' face after the Marlins won their game on Sunday vs. the Braves.

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The whole cream pie in the face in an interview thing ran its course...about 3 years ago. Back when people first started to do it...on occasion...it was funny. Now, its just plain stupid.

Maybe now that someone got hurt, it will stop, though we doubt it. Baseball players can be goofy and sometimes creative, this however isn't. Why not try something like the Braves did on a walk-off homer earlier this season and just leave the dugout. Just a thought.

Here is Coghlan talking about the injury. Courtesy: Joecapoz and You Tube:

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