Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kickboxer dies after hit to head....

Adrienne Simmons/Courtesy: Georgiafighters.com
A female kickboxer from Georgia died Monday afternoon after she had taken a hard shot to the head during a match on Sunday.

Adrienne Simmons was fighting in a tournament at the Marriott Orlando World Center resort in Orlando and caught what was termed a "left hook" and went down immediately.

More from the Orlando Sentinel RIGHT HERE

The match was sponsored by the International Kick-Boxing Federation. And according to the coach of Simmons' opponent, the match "seemed like a normal bout". That contradicts a report on Georgiafighters.com that states Simmons "Was knocked out and unresponsive. She was rushed to the hospital and had surgery for brain bleeding and swelling and went into a coma". She never recovered.

An unfortunate story and without knowing more details, we won't opine much on this. It seems with the issue of concussions in sports such as football being discussed quite often, that maybe sports...including this one and others, should look into head gear. Yes, we know the violence is part of it, but the evidence is becoming more and more clear that there is a pretty big inherent danger when people get hit in the head frequently.

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