Monday, October 11, 2010

BREAKING: Bulldogs RB Caleb King held in jail, UGA approaching record....

Caleb King/Courtesy:

We aren't sure what to make of this story, but we've now seen it in two different legitimate newspapers. It appears that Georgia redshirt junior running back Caleb King is being held at the Clarke County Jail (Athens).

According to the reports, he is being held on charges that say "Hold/Other Agency". Based on what the Athens Banner-Herald is saying, it's probably the UGA Police Department.

Read the Athens Banner-Herald story for perspective....RIGHT HERE

Again, there is some speculation involved here. Whether he committed an actual crime or not is in some question. But he obviously has been associated with one, or he would not be sitting in the pokey.

If he is actually charged, it would continue a very, very disturbing trend in Athens. There have been at least 10-players charged with some form of crime in and around the campus area in the past several months. And while we have sometimes defended the fact that the teams legal trouble is somewhat consistent with the percentage of students who actually get in trouble, this is becoming very hard to defend.

As for Mr. King, we've known him since he was a rising high school star in at Brookwood High School and then Greater Atlanta Christian School. And while there has always been a few questions as to how he had to transfer around Gwinnett County in order to get his grades up to qualify for college, he seemed like a pretty good kid.

We will continue following this story over the course of the day.

**Update: 9:29am**--It appears that young Mr. King failed to appear in court in August after a speeding ticket was issued to him in June.

OnlineAthens again has more RIGHT HERE

That doesn't excuse this, and we expect there will be some discipline issued by coach Mark Richt at some point today or tomorrow, again, we will update this story later today.

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