Monday, October 4, 2010

John Blake and Gary Wichard may be in a world of trouble...

John Blake/Courtesy: hawkins
"2010, The Year of the Rogue Agent" is just getting worse by the day. We've reported on, several times--now former North Carolina assistant coach John Blake, who, at least early on, has had some questionable dealings with friend-agent Gary Wichard.

Now comes word that things are getting worse. Reports are starting to float out there that Alabama defensive end Marcell Dareus, who was suspended 2 games for being at the "Player Party" in South Beach over the summer, told the NCAA that Blake called recommend he sign with Wichard.

Read the most recent Yahoo Sports investigation RIGHT HERE

The latest here, is pretty damning if true. Yahoo already had reported that Wichard and Blake had their hands on now suspended North Carolina defensive lineman Marvin Austin. Now this. Blake says that he had stayed in touch with Dareus since recruiting him. The obvious question would be...why?

Major props to Charles Robinson and Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports for digging through this mess and bringing it to light. It needs to be.
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At some point, the NCAA and the NFL need to step in. If not Congress. The amount of people trying to leech off of the kids is out of control. Everyone they come in contact with now they have to check and see if it is a front person for an agent.

Yes, the motivation behind this is money. Isn't everything? Agents get a percentage of a players contract when they "officially" turn pro. Most have no problem giving someone a cut for delivering a player to them. There lies the problem. More and more people are getting into that delivery system. Someone, anyone needs to come up with a solution.

Just saying "If an agent is caught, they'll be suspended or lose there license" doesn't quite seem to be enough. Maybe legal action against the agent would help. Maybe agents shouldn't be allowed on college campuses. The last option doesn't solve the problem for the simple fact that schools can't be with the kids 24/7.

There has to be a punishment for this. Something that will make more of these guys (agents and runners) think about what they are doing. Jail might not be a bad start. Really, it isn't much different from being a pimp if you think about it. Please do.


It seems North Carolina head coach Butch Davis has un-friended John Blake on his Facebook and taken his phone number off his speed dial. Earlier Monday Davis commented on the latest allegations on former Tar Heel assistant coach John Blake's allegedly cozy relationship with Gary Wichard.

"Let me tell you, here's how I feel: I am very sorry that all of this stuff has tainted the football program," Butch Davis said during his weekly press conference. "And as the head football coach, I take a tremendous amount of responsibility for all of the football-related issues. I'm the head guy.

"I'm sorry that it has affected the football program. But I'm going to tell you what I'm more sorry about, I'm sorry that I trusted John Blake."

This is the first time in quite a while the top Tar Heel has responded publically about John Blake. I believe pissed off is an understatement.

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