Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Charges Brought On Graham James

A Canada-wide warrant for convicted sex offender Graham James will be issued based on allegations from multiple accusers.

Police in Winnipeg, Manitoba are issuing new charges against the former junior hockey coach, who plead guilty to hundreds of incidents of sexual assault involving two teenaged hockey players under his influence.

James was sentenced to three and half years in prison in 1997 and, ten years later, received a pardon from the National Parole Board of Canada.

Theo Fleury's autobiography details new allegations against James.

Former NHL'er Sheldon Kennedy and another individual went to police in 1996, resulting in James' original guilty plea, but Fleury's allegations have not resulted in charges until today.

"I'm grateful to the Winnipeg Police for responding to my complaint," said a statement posted on Fleury's website.

"I know it took a while, but these things have to be done right."

Here's CBC's Bob McKeown tracking down James in May of 2010...
In Guadalajara, Mexico... yeah, he wasn't running...
((HT: CBC/Youtube))

Sludge... and that doesn't even begin to cover it...

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