Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Strange but True: David Hasselhoff is everywhere!

The Hoff his ownself/Courtesy: hollywoodgrind.com
((ht: latimes))

We aren't sure we would believe this story if there wasn't video to support it. Not great video, no, it's video of video on the big screen at a nearly empty Dodger stadium on the last day of the baseball season this past Sunday.

Apparently, there is some sort of LA tradition of some clown named Jameson Moss lip-synching to the Journey song "Don't stop believin'". And like any other game, it ran, we guess during the 7th inning stretch or some point where the Dodgers needed some sort of inspiration.

So, anyway, you have to suffer through a good minute or so of bad camera work and Mr. Moss attempting to act the fool in front of 15,000 or so, after that, look who pops up to finish the song.

Strangely, what more appropriate way to finish a cheesy spot, at a cheesy time than by utilizing the ultimate cheeseball.

Thanks to Zamora8701 and YouTube for the fun:

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