Monday, October 4, 2010

USC vs. USC: Who is the "Real" SC? (No, not SportsCenter)

Yeah, this is kind of funny, but it is also interesting. The University of Southern California and the University of South Carolina are facing off, against each other. But it's not on the football field.'s in court. Or in this case, the Supreme Court.

The case stems from South Carolina wanting to use the interlocking "SC" as a logo to sell sports merchandise. Something the Southern Cal has done....for years.

Read more on this interesting, bizzare story from the LA Times...RIGHT HERE

Perhaps the funniest part of this least to us--the fact that it has been in the courts...since 1997. It's funny that almost all battles like this come back to one Not that either school is going broke on merchandise sales, they aren't.

 (Aside: Maybe South Carolina is tired of calling themselves "Cocks", though that name keeps them a perpetual juvenile joke)

By the way, we think ESPN might have a claim here too with the whole "SportsCenter" thing? Heck, we'll gladly take up their case!

Who knows, this could set off a whole new flood of lawsuits of similar sounding names. Imagine all the teams named Cardinals suing each other. Or the multiple teams called "Tigers". For that matter, when do we get to see the dueling "U-T's" sue each other. Surely the University of Texas and the University of Tennessee can find a way to start legal action. Heck, they even both have orange colored "T"'s as their logos.

It's a lawyer's dream Jerry,  I'm telling you...a lawyer's dream!

For your halftime entertainment, here's the USC Marching band...Thanks YouTube:


BevO said...

As a graduate of the ORIGINAL USC (Columbia), I of course think that the "SC" should go to the Gamecocks. As a mother of college-bound teenagers, I hope that they fight this hard for education of their students.

Anonymous said...

I believe UTennessee and UTexas have in fact gone to court over the use of an interlocking UT logo. The case was settled and I think the resolution was that Tennessee had the rights to the UT logo east of the Mississippi River while Texas had the rights west of the Mississippi. This was apparently unsatisfactory to both schools, so neither uses a UT as their primary logo

Anonymous said...

When you look up on the internet "USC", which one shows up? That's right... Southern California!