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Free Bruce Feldman: This is insane

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We don't even know where to begin here. Quite honestly, we don't know Bruce Feldman--now suspended ESPN College Football writer, but we've long been admirers of his work here at both the satellite HQ and Home Base in Atlanta.

His work has been impeccable, detailed, well-written and informative and occasionally a source for stories. But apparently, it won't be now.

Our pal Brooks, at Sports by Brooks has detailed how the allegedly good people of the 4-letter word (ESPN) have suspended Feldman for something they apparently gave him permission to do.

Yes, he was indefinitely suspended from the Bristol mafia for co-authoring Mike Leach's tell-all book about his time coaching at Texas Tech.

In that book, Leach took some pointed shots at ESPN analyst Craig James over the issue that lead to Leach's firing, something most all sports blogs have documented quite vividly.

You can read an excerpt RIGHT HERE

The story on Leach's firing RIGHT HERE

According to Brooks's report, the higher ups who suspended Feldman, gave him permission to write. Something they now appear to say, is the cause of his suspension.

Read the story from Sports By Brooks RIGHT HERE

We've made no secret over our disdain for the ham-handed attempt at Journalistic integrity the folks at the 4-letter say they practice. It's something convenient to them mostly if it helps the cause of self-promotion only.

Though we haven't read Leach's book, we've seen excerpts, and there doesn't seem to be anything punishable in it. Of course we are in the midst of reading the ESPN book and if that is an indication, the only thing we could think of is they are alleging he helped Leach take a shot at a current employee.

But that is a load of crap. We are happy to see that Sports Writers and Sports Blogs around the country are upset and speaking out about this. It's one of the most popular hashtags on Twitter as we write this. We'll happily add ourselves to the list of Sports outlets pissed off about what's happened.

Not that the 4-letter will do anything about it, they can't unsuspend Feldman now, cat's out of the bag. But it's what's right. We all know the 4-letter would like to put us all out of business and be the only global voice for Sports worldwide. And while we get the idea of being number one, it doesn't mean you have to be a 2-faced, dishonest, disloyal bunch of greedy corporate schmucks, which is exactly how they are coming across.

Here's Feldman appearing on the EA Sports show pimping his recruiting book?

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