Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NBA Optimistically releases 2011-2012 Schedule

David Stern
Who says David Stern doesn't have a good sense of humor. And after all, isn't the Boy Scout motto "Always be Prepared"?

With that in mind, despite the current NBA Lockout and general view that there will be no season, the league has released their schedule for the upcoming season.

And yes, if you look at the e-mail, the announcement is even sponsored.

We do have to add, they qualified it in the official release by saying "In the event the NBA is able to reach a new collective bargaining agreement with the NBAPA in a timely fashion."

So NBA fan, if you were to be allowed to see your games this year, despite the tension between warring rich people and lawyers, here's what you'd see:

Your season "Would" open with the Champion, Dallas Mavericks squaring off with the Chicago Bulls, followed by the Oklahoma City Thunder playing the L.A Lakers on a T.N.T doubleheader.

Mostly, the release goes on to blather about the games their "T.V Partners" may or may not get to telecast this season. To which we say, "Good for them".

Truly the question is will any of these games actually happen? The answer is, "Who knows?" Much like the beginnings of the NFL Lockout, most everyone is subscribing to the "Sky has fallen" theory, saying they won't play this season and possibly next.

True, the differences here are even more stark than the NFL, the NBA is asking for a pay cut essentially by its players and is pleading poverty. And while we don't necessarily blame the players, the owners are right, the pay scale has gotten way, way out of hand. (Hmmm..., wonder who's fault that is?)

So, you can take this for what it is worth and go check out the website of your favorite NBA team to find out their alleged schedule for the season. And you can then go back to your daily lives complete in the knowledge that you may be looking at a piece of paperwork, that might be worth something one day, because it probably will never happen.

Hahaha! This goes out to you, NBA Fan!:

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