Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pretty intense Minor League Baseball fight

Basebrawl/Courtesy: KREM-TV
((ht: biglead/krem.com))

Usually baseball players, if they end up in a brawl/fight on the field don't exactly get too violent. They swing there arms--well, flail might be a better word and don't seriously hurt each other.

That didn't happen Monday night at the Spokane Indians/Vancouver Canadians game in Spokane.

Here's what happened. Spokane's Rougned Odor (strange name), was trying to break up a double play at second base, his slide...was a bit late. As he left the second base area, there was some shoving and then, the punches started being thrown.

If you keep watching the video, about 45 seconds or so in, you'll hear a big crowd roar...the camera pans over to see what appears to be Odor, laying face first in the dirt after being dropped.

No doubt, there will be some serious suspensions here.

For what it is worth, Vancouver won the game 9-5.

Here's your video thanks to the good folks at KREM-TV in Spokane:


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