Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ohio St. helps Pryor's case for Supplemental Draft

Terrelle Pryor/File

Well, that was easy. No, Terrelle Pryor didn't trade anybody at Staples an autograph for an office product, rather, it was Ohio State doing him a huge favor that should help his case in the next few days to get in a Supplemental Draft.

We reported just the other day that Pryor's eligibility for such a draft was in question because he didn't leave tOSU ineligible or as a hardship, rather, he just up and left.

Not any more.

Pryor's attorney along with Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith have taken care of that question. Smith produced a letter stating that "As of June 7, Pryor was no longer eligible to play football for the Buckeyes." He based that statement on Pryor proclaiming June 7th that he'd would not interview with representatives of the NCAA and Ohio State. Smith says Pryor is no longer welcome around the athletic program for 5-years. (Or until you get caught here--ed.note)

Read the entire story from the Columbus Dispatch RIGHT HERE

Quite honestly, this is an absolute LOAD OF CRAP. But it will work. Pryor was not going to be able to eligible for the supplemental draft without this. The NFL, still hasn't announced if they are going to have one yet.

The school did this specifically so Pryor could be eligible. He had already made the decision to turn pro before June 7th. Long before then we'd argue.

This is just another in the long line of tOSU bending over to help Pryor and in return, they are getting pretty much nothing other than a barrel full of trouble. Sure, they have the right to do this and sure, Pryor's people have a right to ask for it...which they did.

It still doesn't pass a smell test. And no, nobody will get to ask young Mr. Pryor about it, because he doesn't talk to the media out of fear that he'll be asked about the mess he left behind. And before you ask Ohio State fans, we don't buy for a second that your problems were all "Jim Tressel's" fault, they weren't. He got in trouble trying to cover up for the guy in the picture at the top right corner of this story.


Joe Kikta said...

This angers me. Why should they do anything for this guy?

phil cantor said...

And yet they did....