Friday, July 22, 2011

New suspects arrested in Bryan Stow beating

Bryan Stow/Courtesy: LATimes
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Well, it doesn't appear that Giovanni Ramirez was the guy who nearly beat to death San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow at a Dodgers/Giants game at the beginning of the season.

The reason: The LAPD have arrested two new suspects.

They haven't named the suspects. There's already a growing concern that the Police Department had all but said Ramirez was the guy who put Stow in a coma. Stow had started recovering from his injuries before having seizures this week and undergoing emergency surgery.

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This isn't good.

Well, actually it may be good if they really arrested legitimate suspects this time. The issue lies mostly with the LAPD's credibility since they were so adamant that Ramirez was their guy. That despite no charges being filed against him and the Department holding him by revoking his probation because he was a convicted felon who had a gun on him.

According to the Times, nobody is talking and there's apparently no arrest record available to the public on this story yet. And while we understand the LAPD not wanting to create another media firestorm, the public does have a right to know. And right now, that right is being abused.

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