Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Report: Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins want big settlement payout--Update (So do Manning and Brees)

Vincent Jackson
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--see bottom of story for update--

Really? At least two of the plantiffs in the Brady vs. NFL Lawsuit want settlement money? And they....they want $10 million? Seriously?

That's what Yahoo Sports reporter Jason Cole is reporting today.

As the NFL Lockout nears its end, there are still some remaining issues out there. One of the biggest is tying up the lawsuits associated with it.

Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins apparently want to be paid and be unrestricted free agents when the dust settles. The reason their agents say, they were both designated "Franchise Players" in February, before the lockout started. And yes, they are part of the group of players on the Brady lawsuit.

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This is an interesting story to follow. The consensus is that both will get paid. The big reason being the potential change in the collective bargaining agreement. If you remember, last year they played without one. And it had an impact on those guys. The new agreement changes that.

Really, the part that is hard to digest is the $10 million part of it. While we don't begrudge guys for taking that kind of money if it is offered to them, they'd be crazy not to, we still maintain there is nobody alive doing a job in life today worth $10 million a year.

UPDATE--3:15p.m.---Per PFT, it appears that Mr. Drew Brees and Mr. Payton Manning want to cut a deal for themselves too, potentially holding up the labor agreement/settlement and making the other players...not so happy.

Here's a Tweet from Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe--"Sign, and once again greed is the operative byword. Congrats Bress, Manning,Mankins and Jackson for being 'that guy'. #Douchebags". AWESOME!!

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