Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mike Leach to visit SEC Media days

Mike Leach's book/courtesy: al.com
((ht: al.com))

Well, this should be interesting. Apparently former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach will be making the rounds in Birmingham, Alabama this week at the same time SEC Media Days takes place.

SEC Media Days have evolved from a fairly small meeting of beat writers to a full-fledged media event where 500-plus TV, Radio, Newspaper and Internet reporters all jockey and battle for their 5-minutes with coaches and players.

Having worked the event several times our-ownself, simple words do not describe the craziness of 30-cameras trying to walk room to room through a hotel conference center lobby with a football coach.

Now added to all the craziness, Leach. Leach will be in town on his book tour, the book, flying up the bestseller list thanks unintentionally, the folks at ESPN. He's signing books at a store Thursday, but according to the folks at AL.com, he'll be visiting his coaching brethern at the Wynfrey Hotel.

Read more from Kevin Scarabinsky of al.com RIGHT HERE

Oh boy. Can't wait to see this circus. I kind of wish I was there. Though I don't miss having to jockey for position and getting a word in edgewise at the event.

We know the writers will be all over this, we think some of the TV guys will too. We'd really like to see if Leach could trump Nick Saban's visit. On the Alabama day, it is virtually impossible to move in the Wynfrey conference center as seemingly every writer and camera in the state of Alabama shows up for this.

We laugh at the premise of all this and will be closely watching with the hope someone does a story on it, because if you are a true "Hard-core" sports fan, it will be one worth seeing.

For the few of you not familar with Leach, he actually warranted a 60-Minutes story a few years back:

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