Monday, July 25, 2011

Your NFL Training Camp Schedule---or not

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Update---apparently everything below means nothing. Because in the chase to be the "Information" leader, some incorrect information is being put out there--- has now changed their mind, everybody but the Jets and Texans apparently will start camp on Monday.

We won't even try and decipher the rest of this, because outside of NFL personnel guys, it won't mean anything after next week when rosters are full and teams are practicing....

Original story filed at 12:50pm or so....

For those interested in which teams will open camp on which day, we provide you with a list. Keep in mind, this is so the teams will have roughly two weeks to prepare for their Pre-Season openers. This should be interesting...and probably a bit sloppy.

Here is your list, with a shout out to

Wednesday: Denver, Dallas, Arizona, San Diego, Philadelphia, Jacksonville, New England, Baltimore, Oakland and Seattle.

Thursday: San Francisco, Cincinnati, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Miami, Atlanta, Detroit, Washington, New Orleans, Pittsburgh

Friday: Chicago, Buffalo, Cleveland, Indianapolis, New York Giants, Green Bay, Carolina, St.Louis, Tennessee and Minnesota

Sunday: New York Jets and Houston

Enjoy your practice football season!

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