Monday, July 11, 2011

Police: Ward was drunk when arrested, Lawyer: No he wasn't...

Hines Ward

In a follow up to a story OSG Sports first reported on Saturday, there's, let's just say--a bit of a debate over Hines Ward's sobriety when he was pulled over early Saturday morning for what was termed "Drunk Driving".

Ward, a wide reciever for the Pittsburgh Steelers and former University of Georgia graduate was pulled over on Buford Highway in Atlanta after a transportation officer suspected he might be drunk. According to the police report Ward had "A flush face, red eyes and smelled of alcohol" after being pulled over by DeKalb County police. They responded after a call from the MARTA Officer.

Ward allegedly admitted he had beers earlier in the evening. Police say he struggled to complete field sobriety tests

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Ward, according to release by his agent Saturday afternoon, denies being drunk.

This, quite honestly, doesn't sound very good. Somebody is exaggerating the truth and it on the surface, doesn't seem like it's the police.

Ward, by and large has been a good example on and off the field and he may have just done something incredibly stupid. What is concerning is that despite what appears to be significant evidence, he continues to deny he did anything wrong.

We think in this case, Ward needs to admit he did something foolish, apologize for it and move on. The more he questions this, the worse it seems to be getting.

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