Monday, July 18, 2011

Your NFL Lockout Update: It ends here (Rich vs. Rich)--Day 8,846

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And we nearly have reached the end. Yes, it is true, an end to your NFL Lockout is fast approaching. No, it isn't here yet, be we and most everyone else fully expect it to be done by the end of the week.

Let's update the comings and goings at stately Wayne Manor:

The NFLPA (not a union) will be holding meetings in Washington D.C Monday morning ahead of more face to face meetings with legal teams and the owners themselves. The lawyers for both sides (who are making a fortune off this), met most of the weekend to peruse and agree to the language the parties have agreed to (??). And our pals, the Jolly Roger (Goodell) and DeMaurice Smith spent their Saturday hanging out together too.

According to reports, the agreement, for the most part is complete with only a few allegedly minor details to hammer out.

Among those: The use of a Franchise tag, settlement of the Brady anti-trust suit, Workman's comp issues and the TV. damages case.

Roger Goodell/File
They will all get together on Tuesday for "Group Mediation" with Judge Arthur Boylan and at that point is where the belief is they'll agree to agree. From there, the hope is the players will vote on the agreement Wednesday, the Owners on Thursday in Atlanta and the doors begin to open Friday.

Supposedly, internal free agents will get to negotiate with their current teams Friday, and a week from today, (Monday the 25th), we have Free Agency and camps opening later in the week.

According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, major progress was made when owners conceded that there won't be any more 2-a-day practices and limiting OTA's  or Organized Team Activities, something that had been created over the past 6 or 7 years, which essentially were mini-camps under a different name.

What does this mean? It means were almost done. It's amazing to here what some of the idiotic arguments were about, but for the players sake, we're glad to here they got some concessions on some of them. The OTA thing was crazy, most players hated them, but had to come.

The interesting thing is going to be how teams install systems in a short period of time. Training camps will start almost immediately and we'll be playing exhibition football within a couple of weeks. Because if you look at the calendar, the NFL season is only about 45 days away.

So rejoice NFL fan, your stupid legal issues are all but resolved. Hope you put some money away over the summer, because while your ticket prices won't go up this year, they most certainly will next....

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