Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oops...S.Carolina QB coach arrested--Updated

George Mangus/Courtesy: WSPA/Greeneville City Police


Well, there's always a way to make an impression. However University of South Carolina Quarterback Coach George Mangus, probably didn't make a very good impression when he was arrested early Tuesday morning in Greeneville, South Carolina.

Mangus was arrested on a nuisance conduct charge after 2 police officers saw him peeing on a street while they drove by. They suspected him of being drunk, but didn't charge him for that.

Mangus was cuffed and booked and as of 10:30 Wednesday morning, was still in the Greeneville County Detention Center.

No word yet on what the 'Ol Ball Coach is going to have to say about this one and for that matter, it is starting to sound like Mangus may need some help getting out of the pokey.

We'll let you know if he's set free...

--Update-- Yes, he's been set free. And he's been suspended indefinitely by his boss Steve Spurrier until the matter is resolved.

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