Monday, July 11, 2011

Rumors of Tiger Woods press conference: True or False?--Updated

Tiger Woods
Updated from the Golf Channel website at 9:54 a.m--Agent Mark Steinberg will sit down and talk to Kelly Tilgham at 11 a.m, not Tiger as was reported in USA Today, Yahoo and other assorted legitimate media outlets. No Tiger, no interest.

All we can do is laugh. In the quest to have a "Tiger" story, they either made something up or read something the wrong way. That folks, is why we raised the question.

Original Story----------

This has been an interesting story to watch develop over the course of Monday morning. Multiple outlets are reporting that Tiger Woods is either "Having an 11 a.m Press Conference" or "Doing an 11 a.m Live Interview" with the Golf Channel's Kelly Tilgham.

Everyone from USA Today to YahooSports is saying this is going to happen.


Tiger's agent Mark Steinberg told Sports Illustrated and the Associated Press this morning "There's an erroneous report that he's making an announcement, but he's not".

If you go to the Golf Channel website. Nothing. No mention of this what so ever.

So the questions here are this. One, why is this being reported? And what actually is going on?

Woods has already said he's not playing in this week's British Open. There are tons of rumors he may sit out the rest of the season to have surgery and get healthy. No big revelation there. The season is almost over, why drag it out?

Yes, his name has been brought up in the court case against steroid doctor Anthony Galea. No real news there, we knew that. Tiger has  denied doing anything wrong and the feds haven't indicated anything of the sort

Nobody seems to know where the "Press Conference" rumor started. Maybe he will be on Golf Central with Tilgham this morning. But if you look at their programming guide, it says they'll be running video of the weekends Champions Tour event at 11 a.m.

We'll keep an eye out in case Steinberg is lying (which is possible), but we think it is very odd that so many legitimate outlets would be reporting on this if there wasn't something to it.

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