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Report Terrelle Pryor may not qualify for supplemental draft

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How do you like them apples Terrelle Pryor? According to a report on, you may not be able to participate in an NFL Supplemental Draft, because there may not be one.

Alex Marvez, the NFL writer for Fox Sports e-mailed NFL Spokesman Greg Aiello who told him if there aren't any players eligible for such a draft, there is no supplemental draft.

According to league rules, in order to qualify for said draft, "Unforseen" changes in ones circumstances must happen, not just because you decided to leave school on your own.

And before you ask, even though he would have been suspended for the first five games of 2011 at Ohio State, Pryor at no time was going to ruled ineligible.

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This sounds a bit like a problem for Mr. Pryor and his fabled representative Drew Rosenhaus. It sounds to us like someone didn't think a decision through properly.

And yes, while the NFL makes decisions on the supplemental draft eligibility on a case-by-case basis, to let Pryor in at this point would set a dangerous precedent. The league tries very hard to maintain tough standards for the draft so the system doesn't get manipulated and this smells an awful lot like that.

It didn't help them either that the lockout has taken so long to be resolved. The supplemental draft may just be a casualty of timing now.

We'll see how good Rosenhaus's vaunted negotiating skills are with this one, because if Pryor sits out until 2012, he's destined to lose a lot of money.

Take a look at Pryor prepping for the draft that may not happen.

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