Monday, July 11, 2011

Your NFL Lockout Update: They've put a date on it: (Rich vs. Rich)--Day 6,642

Roger Goodell and owners/file

According to our friends at the 4-letter, we are a mere 10-days away from a ratified labor agreement which would trigger the beginning of this years NFL season.

Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter are both reporting that the deal is near completion and quote an owner as saying "No reason to believe it won't get done".

Yes, there are a few details to work out like the ridiculously stupid rookie wage scale and a compromise over free agency, but those are not considered major stumbling blocks.

((ed.note--original version of espn story basically said it would happen July 21st, they updated in much more nebulous terms in case it doesn't--sounds like a little CYA there))

If you don't believe us, read the report RIGHT HERE

We'll spare you the details invloving the Billions of dollars they are trying to hash things out about because quite frankly, it makes us revisit our thoughts about how absurd this has been in the first place.

Rather, we'll just say "Relax, NFL Fan", you'll get your football this season. Yes, it may slightly delay the start of training camp and may change where teams hold their camps, but they'll have 'em.

Your season ticket investment hasn't gone to waste. Really, it hasn't. You'll get your $100 per ticket upper level seats and have games to actually watch.

Obviously, we'll keep an eye out and let you know once they decide to settle this once and for all.

Enjoy your accompanying cheesy music video from the Big 80's:

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