Friday, July 15, 2011

Your NFL Lockout Update: Any day now....Really (Rich vs. Rich)--Day 8,115

Roger Goodell/File

Is the end finally near? It would appear, at least on the surface that yes, it is. And before you say it; we did mention this way back at the beginning of the week and what we said then, hasn't changed.

According to the major Sports Networks, who have the resources to stake out the continuing and ongoing NFL Labor negotiations, most all the stumbling blocks have finally been cleared and if you believe what your read, there may be a tentative agreement today for the owners and players to ratify by the next owners meeting on July 21st in Atlanta.

You can read the full story from Albert Breer and Jason LaCanfora of  RIGHT HERE

Well. We've been pretty vocal in our moral anger at this issue from the get-go. And yeah, we're glad that it is finally nearing an end. Though we've been around this enough to know not to believe anything until it actually happens.

We are fully cognizant that both sides can and have used the ever eager, NFL media to try and convince the public that they are right and all is well. We know that it isn't always the truth.

However, we also are very sure that both side recognize they need to get this done fast or they both stand to lose. As much as they've whined, they've done it during the summer, when they wouldn't be playing anyway. Getting a deal done now will have some, but not major impact on the upcoming season and financially won't impact either side. We say that because while both the owners and players like to say they are on the side of the fans, really they are only on the side of lining there own pockets.

Not playing football this season would have a big impact on that. And if nothing else, Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith are pointedly aware of this.

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