Thursday, July 21, 2011

Your NFL Lockout Update: Really, they are going to finish (Rich vs. Rich)--Day 9,107

NFL Owners Mtg in Atlanta

It should be over. As we said on Monday, it isn't an "if" just a "when". And that when should be today (Thursday). Though it isn't a guarantee.

Said NFLPA (not a union) president Kevin Mawae on Wednesday, "We want to go back to work, but we will not agree to a deal unless it's the best deal for the players." He also said they weren't tied to having the deal done by Thursday.

The Thursday timeline is a somewhat media created time we believe because there is an owners meeting in Atlanta that fit the timeline. It also is pretty much a "Drop Dead" time for things to get started without a significant delay in exhibition games and/or training camps.

NFL Executive VP Jeff Pash says the league is prepared to do their part and the plan is for both sides to hold their votes on Thursday. 

We also know that several friends of the OSG have been put on notice to be prepared for work. We have several friends who do a variety of jobs associated with both covering and working for NFL teams.

You can also read a "Where things are" story from RIGHT HERE

So there you have it. Yes, we know we said Monday this would be done on Thursday, and we stick by that.

Pretty much every Sports Journalist with a travel budget is in Atlanta right now because that will be where the "Let's Play" announcement will finally, ultimately come from. So stay tuned, keep an ear on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. ((sorry, went Kasey Kasem for a second))

Really that's all we've got. The NFL Hall of Fame game will kick off the exhibition season on August 7th, we still think that game will be played. And then your NFL season will be upon you and there will be much rejoicing by the masses.

Interpret this as you will:

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