Sunday, July 24, 2011

Is he back?: Favre's return rumored in Philly

Yes, him....
((ht: howard eskin))

Really. Surely this can't be serious. And no I'm not calling you or Brett Favre "Shirley" either. Considering the source we'd ordinarily just write this off as Howard Eskin rambling on about nothing in particular.


It's Favre. Yes, Eskin went on WCAU-TV Saturday night and threw out the rumor that the Philadelphia Eagles would consider bringing in Brett Favre to be their backup Quarterback. And yeah, we laughed when we heard it.

Read's summation of this RIGHT HERE

We don't take it too seriously because it would mean the "High-and-Mighty" Favre would have to be Michael Vick's backup, something most of us are sure he'd never do. And yes, we know he "Swore" he was done. But he did that multiple times.

What interested us more was a tweet from Vick Sunday morning. "I would be honored to have Brett Favre as a backup. That will be amazing, learning how to toy with defenses the way he did his whole career."

((ed.note--the aforementioned tweet, which we along with multiple others saw with our own two eyes has mysteriously been pulled from Twitter---hmmm))

Either way, it ain't happening. It just made us laugh seeing this. We are pretty sure Mr. Eskin was just looking for some attention, since he attributed it to "A" source who qualified it by saying "He didn't know if Favre would even be interested in playing anymore."

Before you say it. Yes, if we are saying it isn't credible, then why are we reporting it?. We're reporting it because of who it is and as crazy and ludicrous as this sounds, anything regarding the person involved unfortunately is worth a mention.


NFL Picks said...

Brett Favre returning to the NFL would not surprise many NFL fans. I personally do not think Brett Favre will ever back up Michael Vick, or any quarterback in the NFL.Thanks for the great artcile. Will bookmark your NFL blog.

phil cantor said...

You are right. As much as it pains us to write about Favre, he's kind of hard to ignore. The story is mostly Howard Eskin floating this and everyone else jumping on it. Thanks for the kind words...