Friday, July 29, 2011

Ooops they did it again: Oklahoma in trouble with NCAA

Keith "Tiny" Gallon

They are already on probation due to the legacy of former head basketball coach Kelvin Sampson. And no, the University of Oklahoma isn't going to be coming off of it anytime soon.

The reason. The school admitted Thursday to 2 major violations by a former assistant. The school, to their benefit, reported themselves, but as a now repeat violator, has some 'splainin' to do.

The issue involves now former assistant coach Oronde Taliaferro. The school says he helped get a "Benefit" for former center Keith Gallon and initially denied it. Four months later, he admitted it.

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Yes, Oklahoma put themselves on 2 more years of probation and vacated their wins from 2009. The question is, "Will it be enough?"

Nobody knows the answer to that. The violation is somewhat serious and the fact that Taliaferro lied to the NCAA isn't going to help things. We suspect the "Self-Imposed" penalties will probably be enough, particularly in light of the fact the NCAA has it within their power to shut down the program for a year or two.

They won't. While they may not be fans of Oklahoma's behavior, they won't shut them down. But you can fully expect they'll be under a microscope. A really, really big microscope.

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