Friday, May 28, 2010

8 Charges Levelled Against UConn By NCAA

((HT: WTNH-TV New Haven))

The University of Connecticut says the NCAA found eight violations in the men's basketball program.

The alleged violations include improper phone calls, text messages to recruits, and the ever-popular and nebulous "improper benefits." Coach Jim Calhoun was cited for failing to "promote an atmosphere of compliance."

Whatever that means...

The school released the infractions letter it received from the NCAA following their 15-month investigation. UConn is supposd to appear before them in October to respond to the charges.

Most of the issues center around the recruting of Nate Miles last year. Miles ended up getting in trouble with the law and was expelled from UConn. But the claim from the NCAA is that a team manager paid for meals, transportation and hotel rooms for Miles before he signed with the school.

In the meantime, two UConn assistants, assistant coach Patrick Sellers and Director of Basketball Operations Beau Archibald, agreed to step down in light of the allegations.

Here's Coach Calhoun talking about what the NCAA has charged...

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