Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Philadelphia's "Throw Up" Kid pleads guilty....

One of our favorite and grossest stories of the past couple of months has reached a fitting end today.

Matthew Clemmens, the 21 year-old who "Vomited" on or towards an off-duty police officer and his kids at a Philadelphia Phillies game back on April 14th, pled guilty this afternoon. Mr. Clemmens was charged with several different offenses, not including the one to humanity and had a couple of others dismissed.

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Clemmens will have a sentencing hearing on July 30th. While he doesn't necessarily need to rot in jail for a long period of time, he needs to, along with the ridicule heaped upon him...fully understand the classlessness and stupidity of his behavior and actions.

Check out the TV Version of this story, from Myfoxphilly.com:

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