Sunday, May 23, 2010

They Said, She Said... So Is It A Full-Ride Or Not...?

((HT: KTVT-TV Dallas))

Usually, when you're offered a scholarship by a school to play a sport there. There's something in paper that you can go over and agree to that is considered a "scholarship."

In the case of one Dallas-area high school soccer player, Emily Hairston, she was under the impression she had a scholarship. When the school told her to pay up, the family was quite stunned and is/has been operating under the notion that she had a full ride.

Stephanie Lucero of CBS 11 caught up with an-SMU legacy family that is really not happy with the school right now...

The end of the Lucero part is the best part of the story...

She contacted the NCAA for an official response:

According to Jennifer Royer, Associate Director of Public and Media Relations for the NCAA, "a coach cannot ask or direct an orally-committed prospective student-athlete to make contact with or call other potential recruits for the purpose of securing other prospective students as future members of the team."

"Such actions may lead to an institutional violation of NCAA rules" says Royer


More when we know more...

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