Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jon Lovitz sued by Dodgers...Can't make this stuff up!

Yes, the headline is correct. Apparently actor/comedian Jon Lovitz has been sued by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Lovitz was served for failure to pay for his season tickets. The amount he owes the team...$95,400.

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((Jon Lovitz probably won't be doing this anytime soon//Courtesy: Getty Images))

According to the story, the team has already cancelled his "Ticket Agreement" for this year but still wants its money. Perhaps team owner Frank McCourt will use it to help with his soon to be coming alimony payments.

We find this pretty darn funny partially because Lovitz really hasn't done much over the past oh...10 years to warrant his celebrity status and in part because despite that, he was still willing to dish out that kind of money for his Dodger seats. (Our opinion)

Either way, this is just kind of interesting.

For those unfamiliar with Lovitz, here he is in funnier days playing "The Devil" in an old SNL Skit. Thanks

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