Saturday, May 29, 2010

RIP Dennis Hopper...Coolest of the cool....

Well, they say it always happens in 3's. Dennis Hopper, one of the hippest, trippiest, coolest actors in modern times passed away today at the age of 74.

Hopper, who in Sports circles will be remembered for his role in the movie Hoosiers and in movie circles for many more great films lost a tough battle with cancer. He had been ill since even before announcing publicly that he had been battling prostrate cancer.

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((Dennis Hopper//Courtesy: Sky News))

Here's a guy who made a living being the tough guy, the rogue, the epitome of the counter-culture movement.

From his introduction to pop culture with the movie "Easy Rider" through "Apocolypse Now", "Speed" and so many other movies, he was the guy everyone was drawn to. He wasn't the over-the top Jack Nicholson guy, no...he was the calm, cool, quiet and direct guy who kept your eyes and attention riveted whenever he was on the screen.

He apparently passed away at his home in the Venice area in California with his family and close friends nearby.

Enjoy one of Hopper's truly great movie moments from the movie Apocolypse Now. Thanks You Tube:

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