Monday, May 31, 2010

Jeff Burton Does Not Like Kyle Busch Anymore

As older brother Kurt won the sport's longest race of the year, younger brother Kyle was getting an earful from someone who doesn't normally get that hot and bothered...

Here's what happened late in Charlotte... with Mike, Larry, and Darrell...

Jeff Burton: "First he said he didn't hit me. Then he said he got put there. Then he said he had to go. He was trying to defend himself and what he was saying wasn't making sense. That's OK. He was upset because I was yelling at him. He didn't mean to do it, but he's real aggressive and I don't mind that, but like I said, when it affects me, then I have a problem."

Kyle:"I said, 'Look, man, (it's the) last restart of the race. You have to go -- make some bold moves. It wasn't me that made it three-wide, it was your teammate.'

"Have a chat with him."

So, when's the next race on the circuit...???
File this one under: Not To Be Forgotten...

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