Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BoSox Beat Rays, Ejections A Plenty


Jon Lester held the Rays to one hit over six innings last night in a 2-0 victory, the Red Sox's second in a row over Tampa.

Lester was getting a generous strike zone from Bob Davidson, but the first pitch he threw to Carl Crawford in the bottom of the fifth inning set everyone off.

Davidson called the pitch a strike, which was good enough for an argument from Crawford and then Rays manager Joe Maddon. Both were ejected for arguing.

Crawford had been called out looking earlier in the game...

"I know why I was kicked out, but I had a good time when I was out there," said Maddon, who said there was a "wide strike zone" throughout the game.

Here's the locker room... just in time for the two Rays to get suspension offers from the league office...

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