Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sandberg Throws Out First Pitch In Oakland...

((HT: KGO-TV San Francisco))

San Francisco area/Marin Catholic High School pitcher Gunnar Sandberg threw out the first pitch at the Oakland-San Francisco game Sunday afternoon...

The De La Salle player whose batted ball off a metal bat struck Sandberg, Zac Byers, caught the first pitch from Sandberg.

He was placed in a medically induced coma at Marin General Hospital after the ball struck him, and a portion of his skull was removed before he was transferred to the rehabilitation facility he is currently working in.

He was released from the rehab facility earlier this month but will undergo surgery Tuesday to replace the missing part of his skull.

Here's video of the event from Oakland...

The Sandberg incident has rekindled the whole idea of banning metal bats in high school baseball games. The California state Senate Education Committee approved a bill back on May 5th that would place a one-year moratorium on the use of metal bats in high school baseball games.

That bill, "AB7," now heads to a vote by the full Senate.

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