Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Polar Super Bowl! Big Game to Big Apple....

Yes, that's right. The self-proclaimed media/social/sports epicenter of the universe will actually really be that for a week in 2014.

The "New" and improved Meadowlands stadium will host the "Big Game" that the general public only gets to see on TV. The NFL "Group" of owners announced today that the Giants and Jets will have the opportunity to host what would be considered the "1st" Outdoor cold-weather Super Bowl.

The New York Daily News has more RIGHT HERE

((New Meadowlands Super Bowl Photo Illustration//Courtesy: NY Daily News))

This, quite honestly was not much of a surprise. The league has made a concerted effort to award their "Marquee" game to teams and/or towns that are either (a) in warm weather locations or (b) just built a billion dollar, taxpayer funded palace.

We look forward to the national group of writers who traditionally cover this game and find even the smallest thing to bitch about in the host city. They have complained about such things as; Jacksonville being too small...and cold and the lack of transportation (taxi's) in pretty much every city they've been in.

Yes, there has been some consternation about the "Game" being ruined by the weather and potential for a "Blizzard". So what? Deal with it. That is what the league wants and quite honestly, seeing a game played on a field with a foot of snow on it might be kind of fun.

In the meantime, enjoy one of my favorite snow game highlights of all-time. The Thanksgiving Day game when Leon Lett cost Dallas a game against Miami on a snow-covered field. Thanks You Tube:

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