Friday, May 28, 2010

Robby Wells Sues Savannah State

Savannah State University's ex-football coach says in a federal lawsuit that the historically black college forced him to resign because he's white and is engaged to marry a black woman.

Robby Wells' lawsuit accuses the school of racial discrimination when they forced him out of his job at the first of the year- a month after he signed a one-year contract extension.

Wells was hired as Savannah State's first white football coach in 2007 and coached for two seasons- 2008 and 2009.

The lawsuit says the college's vice president of administration told Wells that alumni would never support him because he's white and that people in Savannah would be unable to accept Wells' engagement to a black woman.

Savannah State University had no comment at present...
All the above story does is give the HQ the chance to repost this interview Jemele Hill did with Wells before the lawsuit was made public...
((HT: ESPN))

Here's Wells release when he was fired/resigned...

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