Saturday, May 29, 2010

It Begins...NCAA Looking into Eric Bledsoe and Kentucky

You knew that it was only a matter of time. The only question was which player was going to get it started.

The NCAA has started an investigation of Eric Bledsoe, who spent this past season, his one and only, at Kentucky. The issue, as of right now doesn't implicate Coach John Calipari or the University of Kentucky, though it raises questions about signing kids who have zero chance of ever staying in College.

More from the New York Times RIGHT HERE

((Eric Bledsoe, with John Wall and John Calipari//Courtesy: MJ Masotti/Reuters-NYTimes))

Unfortunately, none of these potential violations are surprising. It's no secret that College Basketball lives in its own universe where the rules don't apply...unless you get caught. It also brings up the even dirtier underside of High School Basketball, where if a kid is identified as being an elite player, whatever personal flaws or issues that he has will be taken care of by someone.

That's enough espousing the lack of virtue in basketball. Here is some video of young Mr. Bledsoe playing ball. Courtesy: FoxSports/You Tube:

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