Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BREAKING: Georgia Has A Temporary AD Now...

Well, the University of Georgia has now achieved Step number 2 for returning to normalcy in athletics. A little over a day after former Athletic Director Damon Evans stepped down/lost his job/got fired...for, shall we say indiscretions, there is a new/sort of new sheriff in town. At least for now.

In his afternoon press conference, UGA President Michael Adams announced that Associate Executive AD Frank Crumley will take over...as the interim AD. He also announced the formation of a committee of 6, who will lead the schools version of a search for a successor.

Adams spoke about "Looking outside the school 1st" which means UGA Grad and current Sr. Associate AD Greg McGarity of the University of Florida will need to check his caller ID real soon, if he hasn't already.

((UGA Logo/Courtesy: UGA.edu))

It's a very sad turn of events at Georgia. Having dealt with Damon Evans quite frequently during my time covering Georgia sports, I found him to be very forthright and honest. Though, from a distance, it did seem like he was beginning to enjoy his celebrity status as well.

Anyway, off the soapbox, take this story for what it is worth and carry on.

Here are the sections of the press conference for your viewing pleasure, thanks to our friends at WAGA-TV and MyFoxAtlanta.com
Part One:

And Part Two, which has some more questions and answers...

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