Friday, July 2, 2010

Chargers and Padres Visited By DEA

((HT: San Diego Union-Tribune/Schrotenboer))

When Chargers D-Back Kevin Ellison was arrested last month, the amount of pain medication in his possession raised a few eyebrows with the DEA. Ellison has since been waived and picked up by Seattle ((natch...)), but the DEA visited the offices of both San Diego sports franchises to check on the files.

The DEA served "administration inspection warrants" to both teams, and they went rummaging through Lord knows what since the warrants are under federal seal at present.

In a statement, the DEA said it was “in an attempt to verify the correctness of controlled substance inventories, records, reports and other documents required to be kept under the Controlled Substances Act and for the purpose of protecting the public health and safety.”

Well, there you go then...

Team coverage, with a bunch of full screened statements and no one coming on camera to talk, comes from our friends at Fox5 in San Diego...

Ellison's agent maintains that his client is not a part of the investigation at all.

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