Saturday, July 3, 2010

D2 NCAA FB Player Killed In Club Shooting

((HT: WAFF-TV Huntsville))

A football player at Alabama A&M was killed early Friday morning after a shooting inside a Bessemer, Alabama nightclub. It happened around 3AM at a place called the "Gettie Boyz Club." The club is known as a "biker bar" in Bessemer.

23-year-old Maurice Thomas was found dead inside the club. Police found two more victims at the scene who were transported to other area hospitals.

Investigators say the shooting started as a confrontation inside the club, with more shots fired outside the club.

It isn't known if Thomas was involved in the altercation.

The HQ just files this as another one of those stories that is a waste of a young life who showed promise, but our reminder still stands of the "2AM Rule."

Mark Thornhill has your information...

A and M head coach Anthony Jones talks about a "quality man" here...

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