Monday, July 12, 2010

Pacers Staying In Indy, City Footing Some Of The Bill

An Indiana Pacers official says the negotiations that led to a deal keeping the team at Conseco Fieldhouse for the next three seasons were the most difficult he's ever been involved in.

Pacers Sports and Entertainment president Jim Morris said Monday the team had hoped negotiations that began two years ago would lead to a 20 to 30-year agreement.

But the parties could only agree on a 3-year deal under which the city will pay $10 million a year for three years to help run the 18,000-seat arena. There are concerns on both sides about upcoming collective bargaining negotiations between the league and the Player's Association- thus the short term deal...

The new agreement is an addition to the existing contract, which runs until 2019 and includes other fees if the Pacers decide to leave early- as early as 2013.

David Barras got to stand in front of a monitor with opinions on it...

Indiana finished with a 32-50 record last season, their worst record in 22 years, and they missed the playoffs for the fourth straight year.

The Pacers ranked 27th in the 30-team league this season with average attendance of 14,202.

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