Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Michael Vick can play golf?????

((ht: ajc.com))

Who knew? Either Michael Vick is a golfer or he's just going to sit in the clubhouse and watch other people play. He apparently is having a "Charity" golf tournament in the area of his misspent early career, Atlanta on Sunday.

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((Vick//Courtesy: Reuters/CBC.com))

In case you didn't click on their story, check out the embedded link in there for the golf tournament information RIGHT HERE.

No, we aren't encouraging anyone to play, but we find a couple of things in the story...well....interesting.

One, it is apparently a "Birthday celebration" for Mr. Vick, though the site is more concerned with saying that the funds raised are tax deductible than that they are supposed to go to charity.

Two, we find it very odd, that this is now being publicized in the Atlanta area, where it is a pretty safe bet the local media will be...shall we say "All over it".

This all comes on the heels of the Virginia Beach "Birthday Party" incident where former dog fighting co-hort Quantis Phillips apparently found himself the recipient of a gunshot outside the "Fine" establishment hosting the event.

That incident has led to some speculation that the Philadelphia Eagles are looking to make Mike go away, though they have denied it. The Jolly Roger (Goodell) also has his NFL Security minions looking into things.

We aren't trying to hate or slam Vick, if indeed he truly wants to help and make funds by having a golf tournament in Tucker, then more power to him. However, because we never were aware that he was such the golfer, we don't totally trust or believe his or anyone associated with him's intentions on the upcoming event.

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