Thursday, September 30, 2010

Add Jaz Reynolds of Oklahoma to the list of stupid Tweeters

Jaz Reynolds/
Why do guys do stuff like this? Do they not think that other people will read them? Yes, while we are on Twitter, we mostly use it to monitor others. We don't pretend to totally understand it. Nor do we really like it. seems to be providing a certain amount of reporting material.

Apparently, on Tuesday, the day a gunman opened fire on the University of Texas campus and then killed himself, Oklahoma sophomore receiver Jaz Reynolds took the opportunity to opine about it...just days before Oklahoma and Texas face-off in the "Red River Rivalry".

Reynolds Tweeted about it several times, the first one saying "Hi everyone in Austin, tx...kill yourself". He later tried to tell people to disregard the 1st Tweet, but, he either didn't want to or didn't know how to remove it.

More from the local newspaper, The Norman Transcript RIGHT HERE

This, was beyond stupid and if for no other reason, Reynolds should be suspended for just that. Thankfully Sooner Head Coach Bob Stoops reacted quickly and suspended Reynolds. Supposedly, his Twitter account no longer exists either.

Like we said earlier, "Do they realize people actually read the stuff they post?". Yeah, we know that instant social commentary is a part of life, we get that. And we participate our ownselves. But, we also know that other people read it, people who may attach some significance to what you might be commenting on or about. So you need to be careful. Be measured. Put some thought into it.

If you are creative enough you can make your point. However, in this instance, young Mr. Reynolds was just stupid. You don't say that. Period. Anywhere. End of statement.

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