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OSG Polls:The Dirty Dozen and the Bottom of the Barrel....Week 3 and counting

So nothing really got settled last week though there were some pretty good games. There were also a few teams (see: Michigan) who were exposed as not being quite as good as we thought.

Since we don't really have any kind of huge revelation or really...nothing particularly funny or amusing to mention. Though in part it is because we did a story on the Ohio mascot stalker yesterday.

So with that, here is our clip of the week, this week our hero's learn their roles...much like the teams in college football are learning them now:

Last Week: 14-2. Wilkie and Jon will have to total themselves since its my column! 26-4 Overall...Woo Hoo!

So...with that out of the way as Casey says: "It's on with the countdown"

The Dirty Dozen:

1) Alabama 3-0. Mark Ingram sits out 2 weeks, comes back and runs for 165 yards. Not fair. Once again, until someone proves otherwise, they win. This Week: Alabama 31, Arkansas 17

Wilkie: David Cutcliffe said that's the best Alabama team he has ever seen. They are damn good. This Saturday...... See #10

Nelson: I think the over is the proper play here... Alabama 31-23, although there are some who would have considered "mutually assured destruction" your favorite...

2) Boise St. 2-0. I still think they are going to be playing Alabama for all the marbles. All you SEC people should stop whining that they are overrated, they can beat everyone in your conference except maybe Alabama. This Week: Boise St. 37, Oregon St. 28

Wilkie: The only way Boise State plays for the crystal ball is if they pound the Beavers. (That's right, I said it.) I see that happening. This is the Broncos "Game of the Century" Boise State 48, Oregon State 21

Nelson: I think Boise rolls here, too... 42-20...

3) Ohio St. 3-0. Sure, they are good. Sure they'll be 4-0 after this week. But aside from Miami, they haven't played anyone. I still say because of their history, they need to prove they can stay here. This Week: Ohio St. 49, E. Michigan 6

Wilkie: The only drama is will the Eastern Michigan eagle mascot beats the hell out of Brutus the Buckeye, too. Otherwise this game will be over at pre-game warm ups. Ohio State 56, E. Michigan 3

Nelson: Ron English still has a job...??? TOSU 52, EMU negative-4...

4) Oregon 3-0. They have destroyed everyone they've played. They haven't played anyone yet. They'll be here for awhile, but I don't know that they'll finish here. This Week: Oregon 31, Arizona St. 20

Wilkie: It's a whole new ballgame playing a conference game on the road. Oregon is going to find that out Saturday in Tempe. The Ducks should prevail though. Oregon 28, Arizona State 24

Nelson: Leonard's Loser in a close one... Arizona State 30-24...

5) TCU 3-0. Again, a really strong team that gets no love. They manhandled Baylor last week. Not that Baylor is holy crap good, but they are a "Big 12/10" team. So don't buy this power conference crap. This Week: TCU 28, SMU 17

Wilkie: Just think if TCU played Texas? They don't so why bother. The Frogs should win the Battle of the Iron Skillet for the fifth time in 6 years. TCU 31, SMU 17

Nelson: TCU 38-20... Now, all we need is Danny Devito to clock Billy Crystal up-side the head...

6) Nebraska 3-0. They may actually be for real. Taylor Martinez quite possibly is the best QB these guys have had since Turner Gill. Even though they won't be in the Big 12/10 after this year, they may be leaving with a win. This Week: Nebraska 49, South Dakota St. 3

Wilkie: The Huskers are back and they bury the Jackrabbits. Nebraska 56, South Dakota State 3

Nelson: Nebraska 51, The Brookings Institute 6

7) Texas 3-0. I'm not nearly as impressed with this team as the alleged pundits are. They are here right now, but I don't think they'll stay after back to back games with Oklahoma and Nebraska in early October. Trust me...I'm smart. This Week: Texas 23, UCLA 21

Wilkie: Yes brother Phil you are. You have figured that the Texas Longhorns are just getting by on reputation. The Horns host UCLA, a team with their own set of issues this year. Texas will get by again. Texas 24, UCLA 21

Nelson: I think Texas will get better as the season goes along. UCLA isn't THAT competitive with them... 24-16

8) Oklahoma 3-0. Again, I don't think they are as good as everyone thinks. But I've said that from Day 1. They are however getting better each week...and that's important. They visit the satellite HQ this weekend (but we aren't going). This Week: Oklahoma 35, Cincinnati 24

Wilkie: Brother Phil is passing on an opportunity to see the Sooners, sent tickets my way I'll come a visit. OU's offense is clicking. the Bearcats won't have a chance. Oklahoma 42, Cincinnati 14

Nelson: Sorry, I have an NAIA game to go to... 38-20 Oklahoma

9) Florida 3-0. They are doing enough to win. Which I guess isn't a bad thing. I'm still not impressed, this team has some holes in it. John Brantley doesn't appear to be as great as he was made out to be and aside from Jeff Demps, they have no running game. This Week: Florida 27, Kentucky 21

Wilkie: If Florida doesn't convert that fake field goal at Tennessee last week I think the Gators would have really struggled. Yes Florida is still winning games but there is something missing, that big play threat Tim Tebow brought on every down. They win over Kentucky only because the game is at the Swamp. Florida 24, Kentucky 21.

Nelson: Another close one that will show Brantley isn't there, yet... 24-20 Florida

10) Arkansas 3-0. At the risk of sounding like a homer, they got lucky last week against Georgia. The 4th quarter collapse wasn't good. And it was a blown coverage by UGA which led to the TD pass to win it. They have their one week in the make Wilkie happy. This Week: See #1

Wilkie: This is the biggest football game in Fayetteville since the 1969 shootout against Texas (Arkansas lost that game 15-14). This is Arkansas' moment to defeat the reigning national champion and carry that momentum to an SEC championship. The question is can Arkansas consistently stop the run? I have to go with my heart and say yes. The Hogs prevail but barely.
Arkansas 37, Alabama 31

Nelson: See #1... Root for "MAD..."

11) Utah 3-0. Why don't these guys get any love? Really they are a pretty good team in a tougher than you think conference. I can't guarantee they will finish here, but they've earned the spot for now. This Week: Utah 38, San Jose St. 15

Wilkie: I'm in total agreement with brother Phil. Utah is a damn fine football team. Utah 31, San Jose State 10

Nelson: Utah in a boat-race... 42-10

12) Arizona 3-0.
Only because I didn't want to overload with SEC teams and because I'm still not sold on anyone in the Big 12/10. This Week: Arizona 28, Cal. 17

Wilkie: The Wildcats' win over Iowa was attention grabbing. It's been along time since football mattered in Tucson. Arizona opens Pac-10 play against Cal. and will win it. Arizona 31, California 21

Nelson: Cal has turned into Webster's definition of "mediocrity." Bear Down 31-17

The Bottom of the Barrel:

5) North Texas 0-3. Well, they've been close in one game....against Rice. They don't score lots of points...but they give up a lot. This Week: Florida Atlantic 21, North Texas 10

Wilkie: Third road game in 4 games, the Mean Green is road weary. Florida Atlantic 24, North Texas 3

Nelson: Schnellenberger's mustache is better than North Texas on its own... 28-10

4) Akron 0-3.
They aren't called the "Zips" for nothing. Ooof. They aren't good. They probably wouldn't be good in the FCS grouping after losing to Gardner Webb. This Week: Indiana 40, Akron 3

Wilkie: Zippity do dah. Indiana 48, Akron 0

Nelson: Phil made a funny... 38-10 Indiana...

3) Colorado St. 0-3
At least it's pretty in Colorado. Because the football sure isn't. Yeah. I said it! It's going to be a long, long year for these guys. This Week: Idaho 28, Colorado St. 14

Wilkie: The CSU Rams are busting out orange uniforms as a tribute to their past. I guess back in the day orange was the colors in Ft. Collins. That's going to look great with the green helmets.
It's also Colorado State's first home game so they might actually pull this off. Colorado State 17, Idaho 14

Nelson: It's like Catholics and Protestants battling it out from the waist up... My Akey-Brakey Senses have Idaho winning 23-21...

2) Western Ky. 0-3. Yes, they are still 0-for Division 1. Why did they make the jump again? It doesn't get any easier. This Week: South Florida 38, WKY 10

Wilkie: At least the Hills get large checks to be punching bags for the big schools. South Florida 42, Western Kentucky 3

Nelson: Can I Skip this one...??? 41-0 USF...

1) New Mexico 0-3
They are truly pathetic. Yes, you heard me. They suck. We can't figure out why they won't admit it and move on and fire their coach who apparently sucks too. Well, at least they provide us material each week. This Week: UNLV 9, New Mexico 0

Wilkie: UNLV isn't much better than New Mexico but at least Bob Hauck can coach. UNLV 13, New Mexico 0

Nelson: 20-0 UNLV... Locksley must have pictures or something...???

Good luck and godspeed, I'm late for work...BYE BYE!

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