Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ohio U. mascot was stalking Ohio State mascot...

Rufus goes for the choke out move/Courtesy: Neal C. Lauron/Columbus Dispatch
Since we didn't do this when it broke, we'll do the follow up. And no, we aren't making up either the title...or the story.

It appears Saturday's mascot brawl between Rufus, the Ohio U. mascot and Brutus the Buckeye was premeditated. Really. The kid who was dressed in the Bobcat uniform actually had the cojones to admit it.

Read the story from the Ohio U. student paper, The Post...RIGHT HERE

This was funny. Right up until we just heard the most recent update in this story. While we get that the whole mascot thing is to be fun and entertain. And everyone laughs when it looks like the mascots are fighting. Plus it makes entertaining video. We get the distinct impression that Brandon Hanning, the now former mascot, just wanted to be able to say that he did what he did.

Sure, Ohio U. apologized as they should and Ohio State accepted. Really, how could they hold a grudge in a 45-3 game. However we are pretty sure that up there in Athens, Ohio....there are a lot of people laughing there asses off. If that is what they need for attention up there...well, maybe they should consider something like...wrestling. Hanning made a pretty good takedown.

As much as it was initially kind of funny, the deliberateness of it pretty much takes the fun out of it. It's kind of like the ass-clown who ran out of the baseball field in Philadelphia last night. See previous story.

Sure it is done for attention, but if it keeps up, the mascots, nor anyone else would be allowed out there. How'd you like that for a thought?

Thanks to Bucknuts for the video.

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