Friday, September 17, 2010

Samurai Mike Does Not Like Rats

((HT: KPIX-TV/Youtube))

We all know the head coach of your San Francisco 49ers is, how do we say it, "old school." Vernon Davis found that out the hard way- being sent off the field in the middle of a game after a run-in.

But, now, a Yahoo!Sports report has surfaced claiming QB Alex Smith is having issues with his superiors and that OC Jimmy Raye has lost touch with trying to be a "with it" coordinator.

Singletary went on KPIX with Dennis O'Donnell and addressed the idea of not needing an exterminator to take care of a "rat" in his locker room. He doesn't think there is one... publicly, at least.

Here's the exchange...

Two words: Bad ass...

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