Thursday, September 16, 2010

Does Greg LeMond Have A Secret Recording Implicating Lance...?

((HT: LA Times/Pugmire))

One that would implicate Lance Armstrong in something... for a change...

The Feds have a recording that LeMond made some six years ago believed to be with a longtime Oakley sunglasses rep, Stephanie McIlvain, where LeMond apparently has a conversation with her where, according to Pugmire's piece:

LeMond says, "I know what I heard from a source outside of the group here of what, um, happened at the hospital.… I'm not asking you to do anything you would never want to do, but, you know, if I did get down where it was … a lawsuit … would you be willing to testify?"

McIlvain answered: "If I was subpoenaed, I would. … I'm not going to lie. … I was in that room. I heard it. … My whole concern is my loyalties to Oakley. … They say I was never in there. And I know I was in there. You know, I totally know I was in there."

McIlvain's attorney, when reached by Pugmire and the Times, is disappointed by the tape and is sloughing off the remarks as coerced at best...

This would contradict allegations made by former teammate Frankie Andreu and his wife Betsy ((among others)) claiming that Armstrong has admitted taking PED's- a claim he has long denied.

McIlvain was deposed in 2005 in a civil proceeding where she denied any knowledge of Armstrong's alleged use of PED's- despite the Andreu's claim of her being in the room with the rest of them when Armstrong "admitted" it.

The only other issue is that California, unlike one of the HQ bases-of-operations, is a two-person state for acknowledgements of recorded material...

The HQ will re-rack Neal Karlinsky's piece with Floyd Landis to ask if Armstrong did, in fact, cheat to win...
((HT: ABC News/"Nightline"))

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